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The Mary Parker Foundation Facts:

24 students have received scholarships from MPF, attending 17 Colleges and Universities throughout the US.

  • Gave first Scholarships 2011 to two students; $2,500 each
  • Given over $90,000 in four years
  • 2016 will put over $100,000 in scholarship awards
  • Three Scholarship Graduates chose careers as teacher, sports therapist and culinary
  • Four scholarship recipients will graduate 2016 with career choices of Fine Arts, Pre-Med, Law School, and Business Administration. Students of MPF scholarships are ranked among top performing, and culturally diverse students in the country.

MPF Raising Other Generations Awards Gala where FIVE GENERATIONS of individuals are recognized on stage of at one affair:

  • Implemented June 2014
  • Award categories are: Legendary Generation, Dream Catchers, Connecting Generations, Keep It Moving, Rising Stars

Description of each award category

Award descriptions for the Raising Other Generations Gala program

The Chick In Charge Award

Everyone who knows Mary Parker knows what a Chick In Charge looks like! The Mary Parker Foundation created this award to honor women who have done more than persevere – they have overcome! The Chick In Charge Award celebrates the strength and excellence of character it takes to succeed in business, while maintaining the understanding and nurturing necessary to foster a good work environment for her employees. It is a unique blend of skills that only women possess, for truly only a woman can really be ‘The Chick In Charge’!

Lorethia Robinson Scholarship Award

Growing up poor in rural Mississippi in the Fifties was challenging. You might not think that it would lend itself to a wellspring of hope and optimism, but then you did not know my mother, Lorethia Robinson. She was the backbone of a family of nine children.

As a sharecropper, she worked, and she worked, and then she worked some more. She also instilled in each on of us a light – of faith, of courage, of hope. I wish I could say that I was the original Chick In Charge, but everything that I am, that my family is, I owe to this special lady. This is why we have created a special new scholarship award – to honor something my Mom valued most, after family – education. The Lorethia Robinson Scholarship Award will help a rising young scholar achieve the next level – higher education.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

An entrepreneur is one who takes great risks to succeed. It takes belief, hard work and knowledge. A true entrepreneur is also one who passes that dream on to the next generation – they mentor students who also want to succeed, and pass the torch of knowledge. The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is presented to a dedicated individual who is committed to this level of excellence and dedication to our future.

Legendary Generation Award

Nothing can be as important as leaving a legacy to the next generation. The Legendary Generation Award is presented to individuals who have dedicated their lives – their very being – to empower others. They impact lives not only professionally and economically, but spiritually as well. Leading by example means showing others the way, mentoring, guiding, being the voice of reason. Their impact on others is immeasurable, and worthy of this special honor.

Catch The Dream Award

Our forefathers struggled so that we may thrive. The Mary Parker Foundation proudly bestows the Catch The Dream Award to those among us who have embraced the lessons, learned from the labors of those who came before us. They seize the opportunity to become trailblazers, corporate leaders, doctors, lawyers, and mentors. They know the value of being prepared when the opportunity presents itself.

Connecting Generations Award

Connecting to other generations isn’t an option, it’s a moral imperative. Recipients of the Connecting Generations Award bridge the gap between generations – they have received the torch, carried it proudly and are passing it on at every opportunity. They know to keep their focus on what has been, and what is yet to come. These individuals have demonstrated exemplary leadership and industry influence.

Keep It Moving Award

Nelson Mandela said, ‘Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again’. The Keep It Moving Award honors those who have the ability to get back up and keep moving forward, regardless of failures and setbacks. They are the risk takers, and no obstacle keeps them down for long, because they have embraced life’s challenges!

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is a particularly special award, given to those who have managed to flourish in spite of societal issues. They have thrived in the times that try men’s souls, to become scholars, and leaders and guides for their peers. A Rising Star is not afraid of hard work – it is the key on the road to success. They seek any opportunity to mentor and be mentored.

The Organizational Partner Award

The Organizational Partner Award was created to recognize the amazing people we partner with who enthusiastically share their success with others. Passing along knowledge and experience is critical to the development and success of those following in our footsteps. This award speaks to the heart of our foundation’s primary directive – to raise other generations!


"This foundation is an extension of the heart and passion of it’s name sake Mary H. Parker. As a result of mediocre beginnings, educational opportunities, professional highs and lows, and the ascent to the apex of business success, she has poured her life into this organization."

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