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The Mary Parker Foundation is continually changing the lives of others and investing our resources into places and people that benefit greatly from them. To obtain maximum effectiveness, we have designed specific areas of speciality by which we offer the best that we have. Take a moment to review how and who we impact on a daily basis.


is our continual promise that this foundation will focus on education not simply from a thinking function alone. We will provide the vehicle that will churn thoughts into actions. We will re-educate each partner, student, community, and individual through partnerships, educational initiatives, and scholarships.

  • Mentoring
  • Scholarships
  • Workshops
  • Career Awareness
  • Alliance with Colleges/Universities
  • Partner with other Foundations

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is our transitional initiative that will move every entrepreneur, visionary, and business-minded individuals from a theory perspective to an operational point of view. We will re-structure the foundational aspects of each participant through our F.A.C.S. (Focus. Analyze. Commit. Strategize.) Entrepreneur Development Program.

  • Secure Strategic Alliances
  • Training/Internships
  • Mentor/Protégé Partnership
  • Contacts to Contracts/Networking
  • Becoming a CEO

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is our commitment to empower individuals who are re-entering normal society as a result of incarceration and other unfortunate circumstances. This area of focus will serve as the vehicle to move from transition to functionality in the workforce. With the aid of community re-investment programs, growth forums, and personal development, our foundation can and will help each participant “see clearly.”

  • Training/Job Preparation
  • Stabilizing Your Background
  • Contacts to Contracts/Networking
  • Partners to Include: Faith Community, Small Business & Corporations
  • Professional/Attire & Verbiage

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"This foundation is an extension of the heart and passion of it’s name sake Mary H. Parker. As a result of mediocre beginnings, educational opportunities, professional highs and lows, and the ascent to the apex of business success, she has poured her life into this organization."

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