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is our continual promise that this foundation will focus on education not simply from a thinking function alone. We will provide the vehicle that will churn thoughts into actions. We will re-educate each partner, student, community, and individual through partnerships, educational initiatives, and scholarships.

  • Mentoring
  • Scholarships
  • Workshops
  • Career Awareness
  • Alliance with Colleges/Universities
  • Partner with other Foundations


MPF Scholarship Program Testimonial

The Mary Parker Foundation has truly blessed me during a time of need. My sophomore year of college I had the privilege of traveling to China on a mission trip. Before my trip, I accidentally dropped my laptop after retrieving it from the security checkpoint. When this unfortunate event happened, I couldn’t help but think about how I was going to replace it. During my time in China I learned the importance of putting my requests before God—understanding that in Him, there’s never a need for me to be anxious. After returning to the states, my parents told me that Ms. Parker called and wanted me to share my China experience at her Back to School party. During this event, I was blessed with a $1,000 scholarship to go towards my educational pursuits. Given that laptops are merely a necessity for college students success, I was able to purchase a new laptop with the funds I received. I thank the Mary Parker Foundation for its continual investment in me and its mission to serve and encourage youth to strive for excellence.

Tracey Jackson


"This foundation is an extension of the heart and passion of it’s name sake Mary H. Parker. As a result of mediocre beginnings, educational opportunities, professional highs and lows, and the ascent to the apex of business success, she has poured her life into this organization."

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