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is our commitment to empower individuals who are re-entering normal society as a result of incarceration and other unfortunate circumstances. This area of focus will serve as the vehicle to move from transition to functionality in the workforce. With the aid of community re-investment programs, growth forums, and personal development, our foundation can and will help each participant “see clearly.”

  • Training/Job Preparation
  • Stabilizing Your Background
  • Contacts to Contracts/Networking
  • Partners to Include: Faith Community, Small Business & Corporations
  • Professional/Attire & Verbiage



The Mary Parker foundation has truly blessed me and my family in so many ways. Throughout my years of studying at GRU, I have been shown support not only financially but through emotional and spiritual support as well. I knew without doubt that if I had a challenge, question or just needed to talk that all I needed to do was make a call. Today, I am a proud product of a community of believers that are committed to raising a new generation where achieving dreams are not just a dream but a reality. I received my Cap and Gown tonight yes, the young lady that you equipped in 2012 with the first MPF Scholarship to ensure that I was not only ready for college but that I was equipped and capable to compete as a leader in my class will be a 2016 spring graduate of the Hull College of Business. I know that God favors me! I know that there’s a purpose! There were so many times where I just felt overwhelmed, discouraged, and in the dark but then I stopped and thought about my family and the people I call my mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers and it’s because of them that I kept pushing. Thank you Mary Parker for believing in me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for raising other generations. I turn my tassel to the other side humbly and proud to continue pouring the blessing for those behind me for I am a Legacy!

LeAndrea A. Holliday

"This foundation is an extension of the heart and passion of it’s name sake Mary H. Parker. As a result of mediocre beginnings, educational opportunities, professional highs and lows, and the ascent to the apex of business success, she has poured her life into this organization."

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