is our transitional initiative that will move every entrepreneur, visionary, and business-minded individuals from a theory perspective to an operational point of view. We will re-structure the foundational aspects of each participant through our F.A.C.S. (Focus. Analyze. Commit. Strategize.) Entrepreneur Development Program.

  • Secure Strategic Alliances
  • Training/Internships
  • Mentor/Protégé Partnership
  • Contacts to Contracts/Networking
  • Becoming a CEO

Marie Hunter Testimonial

I would like to mention that KRG Oil’s participation in the Mary Parker Foundation’s FACS program has been quite an experience. Throughout this 12-month program, we have been able to receive vital information about business fundamentals/development through group discussions and key speakers. In the world of entrepreneurship, it is great to know that you are not alone and the group discussions and support allow the space for vulnerability to be received rather than to be rejected. I have learned that my weaknesses in business are just as important as my strengths and how to counterbalance them within my business model. Mary’s ability to guide us through business principals, especially through her own journey with entrepreneurship, is quite unmatched and an inspiration to all of those involved. This program is motivating and most importantly encouraging. I was able to apply and get accepted into the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Programbecause of our involvement and exposure within the FACS program. No matter what stage of business that you are in, I would recommend this program to any entrepreneur that would embrace a supportive and refreshing environment that leads to success. Thank you Mary Parker Foundation.


Marie Hunter, President of KRG Oil Company

Marie Hunter
KRG Oil Company, LLC
DBE/GADOT Certified
MBE Certified/GA DOAS
AABEFBE City of Atlanta

"This foundation is an extension of the heart and passion of it’s name sake Mary H. Parker. As a result of mediocre beginnings, educational opportunities, professional highs and lows, and the ascent to the apex of business success, she has poured her life into this organization."

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